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Receipt Scanner  •  Expense Tracker  •  Document Manager

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Scan, Track, Relax.

Make AI do the work  categorizing your expenses.

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Scan and digitize receipts, invoices and bank statements.

Extract receipt and invoice information like merchant, date, total and taxes without manual input.

Expenses and income icon

Track and categorize expenses and income.

The AI will intelligently read the contents of your receipt and categorize all your expenses and income automatically.

Invite users and collaborate on expenses.

Invite team members to collaborate on expenses by centralizing scanned receipts under one account. You can also give your accountant read-only access for easier financial oversight and more efficient preaccounting.

The easiest way for your business to manage all receipts and documents.

Cloud backups icon

Access documents from anywhere

Snap receipts on the go - they will be scanned and waiting for you on all your devices.

Access your expenses from the web browser or the mobile app.


Digitize Bank Statements

Automatically extract transactions from CSV, Excel or PDF bank statements.

Match easily with your scanned existing receipts.

Currency conversions and internationality icon

Work with any language or currency

Work with 150 currencies and day-accurate conversions between them.

The AI is able to read receipts in any language and dates & prices in any format.


Lightning fast - track your expense now instead of later

There are other apps with receipt auto-scanning features. Usually they scan the expense in under 10 minutes. SparkReceipt uses fast AI and parallel processing to scan the expense in 5-10 seconds.

Forward your e-receipts icon

Auto-forward and scan all your E-receipts

Forward any e-receipt in your inbox to the app and we'll take care of the rest.

The e-receipt email will be read, extracted and categorized automatically with AI.



SparkReceipt uses major cloud service providers and adheres to their best security practises.

You can read more about the security here.


Separate business and personal expenses

With SparkReceipt, you are able to create separate subaccounts for your every business, side hustle or household expense needs.

Free to use icon

Use for free

Light use is totally free without any trial periods or other shenanigans. There is also no lock-in: your documents are always exportable on any plan.

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Pitouking, App Store (FR)


I tested a lot of scan apps for my receipts. I need simple but reliable functions and most of them are expensive, cumbersome and not reliable. I’m testing only the free tier here and it’s really amazing. I’ll get the pro version because of the email functions. Thanks for a great app !

Create your free
account today

SparkReceipt is free to use for individuals and one-user businesses for light use cases. Subscribe to SparkReceipt Pro to unlock multi-user features, advanced reporting, workspaces and powerful collaboration tools.

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  • What is SparkReceipt?
    As a new contender among receipt scanner & expense tracker apps in 2024, SparkReceipt offers an unique solution with an AI-driven digital receipt management. Using the very powerful ChatGPT AI, this receipt scanner app streamlines pre-accounting tasks, especially among international businesses working with multiple currencies at the same time. SparkReceipt is unique in its ability to read and understand any receipt or invoice in most languages and dates and prices in any format.
  • Who can benefit from SparkReceipt?
    Designed as a small business receipt tracker, SparkReceipt primarily aids freelancers and small business owners. However, individuals or couples keen on finance also find its receipt scanning and expense tracking features handy.
  • How is SparkReceipt priced?
    SparkReceipt offers both a free and a paid option. The free option enables you to scan, track and organize your receipts if you have a relatively small number of them each month. With SparkReceipt Pro, you gain access to unlimited smart AI scans, unlimited cloud storage and exhaustive export and collaboration options. Read the Plans & Pricing section to learn more in detail.
  • Can I add my employees or co-founders to the app?
    Yes, you can add your employees or co-founders to the app to collaborate on expenses and documents. Every Pro plan also includes a chance to invite accountants as read-only guest users to your account, eliminating the need for email attachments entirely.
  • What platforms does SparkReceipt support?
    You can use SparkReceipt on iOS and Android with the mobile app, and the web application with any device equipped with a modern web browser.
  • What languages and currencies does SparkReceipt work in?
    The SparkReceipt application is translated to English, French and Finnish. However, the receipt scanning and AI features work with basically any language, since it relies on the very advanced ChatGPT large language AI to read the document's contents. The OCR (optical character recognition) used to read contents of paper receipts works best with latin-variant* languages. SparkReceipt also has daily and historical currency conversion rates available between 150 currencies, so you can freely work with multiple currencies with this application. (*latin-variant languages use characters a-z with some variations like ä. ö, å and others)
  • Can I separate business and personal expenses?
    Yes, you can separate business and personal expenses in SparkReceipt. You can create multiple linked subaccounts (workspaces) under your main account to completely separate expenses between your different businesses or personal accounts.
  • Can I add receipts and invoices from email?
    Yes, with the SparkReceipt Pro plan you will have a personal inbound email address to send all your e-receipts and invoices to. They will be automatically scanned by the AI and added to your account. Tip: you can easily set up auto-forwarding filters in e.g. Gmail or Gsuite to never worry about forwarding the emails again.
  • How can I deliver the receipts and documents to my accountant?
    You have multiple options to choose from, and you can pick the best that works best for your collaboration workflow. 1. You can export your receipts and documents from SparkReceipt as CSV, Excel, or PDF files. 2. You can invite your accountant as a read-only user to your account, so they have immediate access to your expenses. 3. You can generate a live link and share it with your accountant, eliminating the need for a dedicated user account for them. The live link allows limited access to your account to view e.g. receipts, documents and expense data from one month.
  • Can I request my data be deleted from your systems?
    Yes. Read this page for detailed instructions on how you can permanently delete your account.
  • Is my data safe in SparkReceipt?
    Absolutely. We ensure good data security with using best practices in encryption and storage. Your scanned receipts and documents are backed up, versioned and encrypted both in transit and in rest (= over the internet and while stored on disk). However, as with any software system, we also recommend taking monthly exports of your data for added safety. Data exports are always available even on our free tier. We are also based in the EU, are GDPR compliant and have signed data protection agreements with our 3rd party partners like OpenAI.
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    Yes! To join the affiliate program, click here. Currently we offer 40% recurring commission (up to 12 payments) of all referred subscriptions' revenue. We partner with Tolt to automate affiliate referral tracking and payouts. You can choose to receive payouts with either PayPal or Wise.
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