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Plans & Pricing

With SparkReceipt you have the option to use a free subscription or a Pro subscription. Here is a breakdown of all the features in both options.

SparkReceipt Free
SparkReceipt Pro
$5.99 per user / month
Document scans per month
30 per month
Expense & Income tracking
Accurate daily currency conversion rates
Smart scanning with ChatGPT
Document management
Share monthly documents with a shareable link
Supported platforms
Android, iOS, web
Android, iOS, web
Invite accountant
Send receipts with email
Add additional users
$5.99 per additional user / month
Export options
PDF, Excel, CSV, ZIP
PDF, Excel, CSV, ZIP

* The pricing may vary slightly if you subscribe through an in-app purchase through App Store or Google Play. The final price depends on local currency, taxes and pricing tiers available in both stores. The price listed here is applied when you subscribe through our web app.

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